I am looking for a fairly large amount of WS2812 (or ws2811) 60 LED

(Devon Meyers) #1

I am looking for a fairly large amount of WS2812 (or ws2811) 60 LED per meter strips for a project I am working on. $10 per meter from Aliexpress with free shipping has been about the best price I could find, anyone know if there are vendors out there that break the $10 per meter barrier?

(Mark Kriegsman) #2

About how many meters is “a fairly large amount”?
(See also https://plus.google.com/103458998373117296828/posts/bNrHBbjgysZ )

(Ashley M. Kirchner [Norym]) #3

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(Michael Sharnet) #4

WS2812/11 60LEDs/meter
What level of protection? (typically IP20 to IP68 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IP_Code )
Exactly how many meters?
How fast do you need the LEDs (can you wait 60 days or do you need it next week)?
Are you comfortable with Wire Transfer payments?

(Ashley M. Kirchner [Norym]) #5

By the way @Devon_Meyers , aliexpress is for smaller quantities. If you want large quantities, go to http://alibaba.com. Same vendors, larger quantities, and often cheaper prices. Search for the strip you want, then contact the vendors and get pricing from them.

(Ashley M. Kirchner [Norym]) #6

Almost all of the vendors I’ve ever dealt with on alibaba will accept PayPal payments (on aliexpress they don’t for some odd reason.) And I’ve received goods within 2 weeks if I paid the additional DHL shipping cost (usually less than $30).

(Michael Sharnet) #7

@Ashley_M_Kirchner_No Paypal dropped Aliexpress. No reason given but you can connect the dots to competition with ebay. http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/06/03/us-paypal-china-idUSTRE75225520110603

Paypal is still used by many merchants on Alibaba.com

(Ashley M. Kirchner [Norym]) #8

Meh, I still have a vendor or two that accept PayPal through the Express site … as recent as last month. Maybe they were hoping to fly under the radar. Alibaba still accepts PayPal though.

(elad o) #9

Look for ws2811 seller at eBay
If I’m not mistaking he sells them at 6-7usd And accepts pp
Hope it helps

(Aaron Liddiment) #10

I have ordered 2 of these http://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-Arrival-12V-5M-100-WS2811-IC-Control-300-5050-RGB-SMD-Chip-300-LEDs-Dream/1116630027.html
Just over $7 per meter, just waiting for them to turn up now!

(Michael Sharnet) #11

@Aaron_Liddiment I’ve placed a few orders with HQ-Market (the store in your link) and I have been happy with the quality - shipping was a bit slow but that is normal.

(Erik Johnson) #12

@Aaron_Liddiment Note that 12V versions of these run the LEDs in 3’s, i.e. only 1/3 the strip is addressable. Especially as it’s a WS2811 strip (1 IC per 3 LEDs)

(Aaron Liddiment) #13

Thanks for that, now I feel stupid, paid more attention to the price than the chip specs. I had noted 3 LED’s per chip but thought they were individually controlled! Oh well, have to place another order!

(Erik Johnson) #14

Eek! It’s ok, they are still great as lighting since you can’t really see individual pixels when edge lighting