I am looking at cutting my ws2812b strip into sections with just 6 leds

I am looking at cutting my ws2812b strip into sections with just 6 leds in I then want to wire up five of these and then have each strip do the same as the first can anyone tell me the correct way to wire these together please and how to connect to the arduino mega

Do you have a sketch of how the strips will be arranged?

Can you provide a bit more info about what you’re trying to do. Trying to understand if you’re just wanting some sort of repeating pattern, you’re being restricted in some way by physical layout, or maybe trying to save on memory by only coding for 6 pixels?

Hi I am new to arduino and rgb strips I am looking at making some night lights for my grandsons I have got a one metre strip of ws2812b with 30 leds ,I am going to cut this into six equal parts so I will have a six by five grid of leds I want the leds to be controlled by button presses I will play around with the features I want at a later date I have seen the fastled feature about mirroring strips using more pins on the arduino but I need to know first how to correctly wire the strips and connect to the arduino I have got a 5v 3 amp regulated power supply to use

If you’re going to connect them in a grid, I would lay them back and forth and connect them as follows:

Strip 1 Dout to Strip 2 Din
Strip 2 Dout to Strip 3 Din

and so on. That’s called a serpentine arrangement.

You only need to connect your Arduino to Strip 1 Din.

Here’s one of mine with that wiring arrangement:

@Andrew_Tuline just looked at your video very nice work I know I have got a lot to learn

You could arrange it horizontally or vertically. Just pay attention to the little direction arrows on the strip and wire your Data line in on DI and out on DO to the next strip’s DI.

I have just wired up my strips like the image you showed I have gone from dout on strip one to din on strip two then dout from strip two to din on strip three which is my last strip I have run the blink program and only get the led blinking on the first strip I have checked the continuity and all seems ok plus all strips are getting power I take it dout on my last strip is left untouched any ideas what I have done wrong or have missed??

You are correct, DO on the last strip does not connect to anything. There is no where else any data needs to go once it gets to the end. So it doesn’t sound like you’ve missed anything yet. Keep going!

The Blink.ino example only blinks the very first pixel, leds[0]. If that works then try running the RBGCalibrate example to test if you have the correct color order setup for your pixels. If you have a look at the RGBCalibrate code you will note that it only lights up the first 6 pixels, leds[0] through leds[5].

If you’ve confirmed you have the color order set correctly, next try the Cylon example and this will show you if all pixels are working and lighting up.

If the above is running move on and load up the DemoReel100 example and enjoy.