I am liking what I am seeing with the new V2 smoothie protos.

(Griffin Paquette) #1

I am liking what I am seeing with the new V2 smoothie protos. Trinamics really make it appealing. One thing that I have always wondered is if there will be a wifi connectivity feature built into any of the V2 boards? I know Luc from ESP3D has done a nice modified version of his ESP control interface for Panucatt. Anything like that might be making its way as an addon for V2?

(Arthur Wolf) #2

We’ll have plug-in extension boards for this and many other things.
We’ll have a lot of extensions actually : https://docs.google.com/document/d/144EbmhN6z-J2V_Zw7GfJpZrfD-B0dC3cuea9oWPgxNM/edit#

(Griffin Paquette) #3

That’s awesome!

I like the idea of having so many expansion opportunities. Keeps users really open to upgrades. Keep us posted on these! Would love to do some hardware testing especially for Wifi

(Venelin Efremov) #4

I struggle to understand the appeal of these primitive wifi options. With a Pi Zero, you get wifi + camera interface and octopi is very capable host. All with a very affordable price.

(Griffin Paquette) #5

@Venelin_Efremov I too think Octoprint is a wonderful option. I just think that the Duet style implementation is quite excellent as well as it allows an all in one solution that is also tailored to the host MCU.

(Jeff DeMaagd) #6

Has the zero support in Octoprint gotten better? I’ve heard in the past it was hit or miss. I really like the Duet Web Control style of an interface. It’s really powerful.