I am just now trying Chillipeppr and am having lots of issues such as

I am just now trying Chillipeppr and am having lots of issues such as crashes and non-functioning jog. Tried the mouse jog (the crash, have e-stop).
I am running Mac OS X 10.10.5 with a Inventible X-Carve who seem to like this controller, so far I am not.
Any instructions or is it figure it out as you go?
It looks to have some very nice features and would like to explore more but CNC machines are expensive.

Any chance you could post video of the problems?

i was having similar funkiness on my ox, and the limit switches/home were enabled when i don’t have switches. it was generating false positives.

tinyG or GRBL controller?

if it is the X-carve, i believe it would be GRBL. If it is crashing, do you mean Chilipeppr is crashing or the machine/controller is crashing? If it is Chilipeppr, what browser are you using? And what version of SPJS? Like John mentioned, a video showing the issues is probably best.

I used Chillipeppr with the grbl interface and it hit the limit switch and tried to keep going. Thank goodness to E stops.

ok, so something is making your machine further than you expect? could it be a units issue in your gcode? post the code or some videos and folks may be able to help.

The hard limit switch are on? Please check ur config with “??” Command.

I have homing switches only. They were described as limit switches but are not. I may have install hard over travel switches but that is a job I do not want to do. That would save the X and Y but Z is problematic.
No harm however as I do have an E stop.

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You can use your home switches also as Hard limit switches, Please check your config and set this to “on”:

$20=1 (soft limits, bool)
$21=1 (hard limits, bool)
$22=1 (homing cycle, bool)

Good idea, I may have to instal a few more to catch X, Y and Z over travel as I now have only the three.
Just where are these setting found?
I was a CNC machinist for 30+ years, wrote all my own G code from prints. Lathes with very little mill time. This extra axis takes some getting used to.
Can’t wait to add a fourth.