I am in absolute awe at the size of this thing...the video gave it

I am in absolute awe at the size of this thing…the video gave it no justice I don’t think I realize what I am creating until now

Looking great.

Do you feel the lid is too tall, that is the size of mine. I have a very gentle arch on the bowden… But others have mentioned they think its a bit too much.

Also I have a lid stop on my current build but as you can see from my pics my lid was made with 1x1 angle and glued in panels. So it doesn’t work with the new hinge placement of the 20x20. If you come up with a good solution let me know, otherwise I should really get working on something new for the latest design.

I can see the lid being ok tall but I’m not sure by how much till I get the Bowden system installed. I’m not how much space there is when the carriage is closest to the extruders.

How big a print area for this monster?

@Rick_Sollie as shown 338x358y340z mm (13.3x14.1y13.6z"). There is some room to squeeze more out of it, but I haven’t had the need yet.

@Derek_Schuetz here is a pic when it’s near the front right corner on mine: http://imgur.com/whHdRwP

it doesnt seem like theres much space without strain on the filament