I am hugely impressed with Mutley3D ​'s PrintBite material.

I am hugely impressed with @Mutley3D ​’s PrintBite material.

I had really struggled to get PLA to adhere to BuildTak (eventually discovering that first layer extrusion temperatures above 200C are key) but PrintBite is a breeze to use.

I just attached it to a clean 3mm glass sheet and run the heated bed at 85C (instead of my normal 75C) and print the first layer at 195C (instead of my normal) 185C.

Set the nozzle height accurately and you are done. PLA sticks beautifully to this stuff and the printed parts just lift away with no effort once the bed has cooled.

Now to try some experiments with ABS. I expect that brims will still be necessary but if I can do away with ABS Juice I will be a happy bunny.

Haven’t seen printbite. Sounds interesting. I’ve been using a zebra plate the last month or so for my PETG prints and it is awesome so far. Take the plate off after the print and in about 5 minutes it just pops right off after the plate cools a bit. I like MakerGeek’s PETG…