I am having trouble zeroing.

I am having trouble zeroing. I will attach a screenshot showing my delima, but basically I want to have the spindle positioned at my work area (ie, pcb board) x=0, y=0, z=0, and have the 3D viewer showing the head in that location and having the coordinates shown in the axis area also at all 0’s.

I manually moved the tool head (I called it spindle above, but I believe tool head is the better term) to the position shown. The only problem is the coordinates are not zero.
missing/deleted image from Google+

Selecting either the G54 or G55 level and Pushing the set to zero does nothing. Selecting the G53 machine level produces this: Note that x becomes way negative and the 3D viewer is shown correspondingly far to the left. I believe I have stumbled upon the correct way to get everything properly zeroed, but I cannot repeat it. What am I doing wrong?
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Get to the spot you want with your tool head and then hit “Set Mch Zero” and everything should zero out.

I will try again, but that is what I did in the screen shots above. In the first, I was where I wanted to be, then I pushed Set Mch Zero, and the second screen shot shows the result: The head moved to where I did not want it, and the display did not show zeroes, the x became negative. In the morning, after the egg nog wears off, I will try again. Thanks.

Ok, then you have set your G54 offsets to be something alternate from machine coordinates. So you should get G54 to the same 0,0,0 as G53 machine. That will bring you back to normality. If you think about it, when you set machine coords it actually then places you into G54. If you have any offsets setup for G54 it then applies those. I think what’s most common is leave G54 to be no offsets so it is equivalent to machine.

There is a difference between “set mech zero” and “move to mech zero”

Gary – thanks, but it was the set buttons that weren’t working, and since the spindle was in the right place, moving didn’t seem helpful. Am I missing something?

John – thanks for your continuing help. I am making progress. In this case, it seems that my lower left corner of my EagleCad board design was not at X0 Y0, so it seems that CP was starting my work area with that offset. In any event, that solved my problem. I have a new problem, which I will post about separately.