I am having issues with my optical end stops,

(Jason Vanderwaal) #1

I am having issues with my optical end stops, my machine is not running and therefor not making any money… I am wondering if there is a step by step guide on converting them to mechanical end stops, IE: what kind of end stops to buy, do I need the cohesion3d board? my Y axis moves fine, buy X axis does not and the optical sensor seems to be split, im not sure if it slammed into the stop…

Any help would be appreciated, I need to get my machine up and running again soon…

(S Th) #2

Mine came with mechanical end stops that look just like the ones in the link below. It uses the same M2 Nano board that most versions do, and the end stops plug in to the same place. I would imagine you could just plug in the mechanical end stops with no problem.

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #3

Check my blog for repair proceedures for optical end stops.

(Brian Bell) #4
(Brian Bell) #5

as for replacing them with mechanical switches, the controller was built to handle the mechanical switches. The power and logic needed for the optical switches comes from the optical daughter board so fitting mechanical endstops would be easy to do.

(Jason Vanderwaal) #6

Yeah, I’m not greatly technologically inclined, but the sensor under the gantry is split down the middle, it’s like the stop didn’t stop and slammed into the sensor, after it did that the x axis belt came off.

(Jason Vanderwaal) #7

As for “easy to do” how easy? Especially with the ribbon cable is there a step by step tutorial on converting to mechanical end stops?

(Brian Bell) #8

Here is a kit with what you need to convert it: https://k40laser.se/k40-parts/gantry-diy-kits/end-stop-upgrade-mechanical/