I am having an issue with my laser all of a sudden it's not

I am having an issue with my laser all of a sudden it’s not recognizing my end stops on the y axis it will travel up the axis and bounce about three times before it stops and starts cutting. I have been cutting like crazy so could the debris be causing it not to recognize

Check for loose connection on the endstops, cable, solder joints. Typically this is the behaviour

If your K40 uses Opto end stops - make sure they are clean - a Q tip works.

@greg_greene how do I tell

@3D_Laser The optical endstops have a funny U-shape in them that gets registered as reaching the end when something gets into the U. Mechanical endstops are like a switch or button, physically getting pressed (I think).

@Yuusuf_Sallahuddin_Y I have the I shaped ones. I cleaned it with a bit of rubbing alcohol now it only bounces once then homes but it still bounces any other ideas

@3D_Laser Unfortunately I don’t really know much about these sort of things, so hopefully someone else can weigh in for this.

@donkjr knows about the optical stops

@3D_Laser first review the sections of the index regarding end stops to become familiar with them.

You can try the static tests linked below but this will not necessary show you a dynamic problem. If these pass we can try something else.

What controller do you have:

  1. Stock K40
  2. Converted to something?

    Here is an experimental test procedure for static testing end stops

… Index …

I’ve just had the same after a rebuild. It was the metal stops not aligning in the optical slot. Bend & adjust as necessary.