I am happy today,

I am happy today, got the entire afternoon off to stay home and I am close, so very close to getting my printer going, but I have a few things to adjust.
Q1: I have a basic question on printer orientation for XYZ setting. When I am standing at the front of my HercuLien, Does that line up with the basic pronterface controls screen? See photos.

Q2: Do you set up zero to be the center of the build plate, or one of the front corners?

From the front looking at the printer, zero at left corner closest to you. Z zero is with the bed all the way up, and goes positive as it moves down. X is the travel right to left (traveling right is X+). Y is the carriage moving towards/away from you (away is Y+).

So glad to finally see it coming close to completion. It’s been a long time coming. But congratulations on reaching the home stretch.

Thanks, @Eclsnowman I hope to get these last few bugs worked out, and to start printing.

I want to build one of these, but I’m a noob at 3D printing still. Where can I get the parts? I don’t want a kit, too expensive. Also, I have a Makerbot Dual clone I can use for some part printing.

@Ramon_Daniel HercuLien/HercuLien_BOMV3.pdf at master · eclsnowman/HercuLien · GitHub

The Github has most everything you should need. All part models (in many formats) as well as pictures, and some build instructions are available. Just take some time to look over the Github and I think you should find it a great resource. Now, be forewarned the instructions are not like Ikea furniture, it is a community effort not a purchasable product. But between the github and this community all questions can usually be answered quickly.

Part sourcing can take a while, and the cost is not cheap. But like any large scale printer the costs and and tuning is non-linear to cost of smaller machines. But if you can print all your own parts that’s half the battle. The rest is just time an money :slight_smile:

@Eclsnowman Ah, thank you sir!

Looking awesome Bruce! I am not that far behind you . I will order the hotend now. Otherwise I have installed the end stops and managed to orient and adjust the rods with the guidance of Eric!
I follow your progress! Good luck with the rest !