I am encountering some weird issue.

I am encountering some weird issue. If I go any workspace even when forcerefresh=true, I am still getting a broken workspace (3dviewer at the top left corner).

In the following screenshot, I am opening http://chilipeppr.com/tinyg?forcerefresh=true

I have clear all personal data and start a new instance of chrome. Am I going crazy or there some cache that I have yet cleared?

I tried Firefox. No changes. Do you go to Firefox, choose force refresh then go back to chrome?

Perhaps the jsfiddle site is hammered at the moment. The force regresh take quite a while (multiple minutes) and still has issues for both the default grbl and tinyg workspaces.

Looks like so: “Error: Load timeout for modules: inline:com-chilipeppr-elem-pubsubviewer

Hmm. I have a feeling that the jsfiddle times out since John is working on it.

Jsfiddle is really slow today but chilipeppr caches everything. When you force refresh though you force it to re pull. Keep trying force reload til it works.

This is one of those time when it would be cool to have some clearer error. Perhaps chilipeppr can have a YouTube style progress bar at the top. The cp.require and cp.load methods can publish finish loading signals.