I am doing much better with my printer now.

I am doing much better with my printer now.

If you get crappy prints you need to run your slicer yourself and run the gcode. Repetier was calling slic3r and slic3r decided to use the Original settings instead of what I gave it. Grrrrrrr

Now I just have 3 problems. 1 the tops look crappy. 2 the bridges suck. 3 some occasional slop on the bottom layer that looks like a puddle around the base. Any ideas on how yo fix those problems? It is a Rostock Max (delta) with 1.75mm black ABS from SeeMeCNC. I hope that info helps. Layer heights are 0.2mm on the 1st layer and 0.3mm on the rest.

How I tweaked that: Under the advanced settings increase toplayer width, and decrease first layer width. What happens with your bridges? Total top layers height must be between 0.8-1mm.

Peter, your advice worked well. I also changed it to concentric pattern for the top and bottom and I think that helped too.

They look like wires attached to the bottom of a shelf.

I was thinking that maybe I should put bridge flow at 0.9 and see if it helps.


It was 30 and I changed it to 20 but didn’t see too much difference

Ahhhhh…thanks Peter.

+Peter van der Walt 180mm/s? That fast??? I need to try that, the default in Slic3r is 60mm/s.

I managed to pass the test at 200mm/s

It still looks like wires but it works. Must have 2-3 layers above it.

I think I am set. Going to Try to print a bracelet that took an hour to slice.

+Peter van der Walt I’ve got a Lulzbot AO-100 (MendelMax 1.0/1.5 based) it’s pretty solid. It can do 120mm/s without a hitch, but I haven’t tried faster yet. I guess I’ll do as you suggested and do a few test runs starting from 60mm/s and up. At 60 bridging always sags even with a small gap like 5mm.

There is s bug in repetier that I encountered, too. I had fixed it for me, mentioned here: https://github.com/repetier/Repetier-Host/issues/203

The bug I found in repetier host is that it was written for Windows and does not have a Linux port.

Running windows exe files via mono Does Not Count.

So that explains it…thanks jim

Glad to be of service. Happy printing!