I am DESPERATEly and URGENTly in need of a small flat snap together bolt/grommet/thing

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I am DESPERATEly and URGENTly in need of a small flat snap together bolt/grommet/thing to allow me to attach two pieces of leather to either surface of a mask that would then have free movement. Hard to describe without pictures…

This is the section of the mask in question.


I want to attach this salvaged belt buckle loop (actual buckle is being painted) via a hole I will drill through the long flat sections. Again, it needs to be able to pivot.

Does anyone know of a little snap together grommet file that may be floating around? It’s for a renaissance faire tomorrow and I am cramming to make this mask happen!

Will post pics when it is done and painted!


(Doug Rector) #2

could you adapt this?


(Robert Gorman (GoGoCharlie)) #3

Not sure what you mean. Been using paint and epoxy all day, not thinking as fast as usual. lol

(Doug Rector) #4

well its a snap together thing that fits through a hole and could be modified into a rivet?

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Ah, for some reason it wasn’t until your second post that the first one had shown a link. I was thinking I had missed a link for a while, but saw no read more button, so I asked for clarification.

(Robert Gorman (GoGoCharlie)) #6

I suppose I could use that, will keep looking until the printer is done in 6 hours. >_<

(Doug Rector) #7

or just use a real bolt maybe?

(Robert Gorman (GoGoCharlie)) #8

Gonna fiddle with this…


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Ehh… A real bolt would look off attached to a belt buckle.

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Plus the hole is rather big.

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I made a binding post a few years ago that could work:
Let me know the exact measurements you need, and I’ll make the adjustments.

(Robert Gorman (GoGoCharlie)) #13

@kongorilla​, will do. It stormed last night, so all my plans for a bonding/painting all nighter got rained out. Meaning I wasn’t able to get the thing done in time. Plus my hat doesn’t fit the new mask and I lost my balaclava… Last minute train wreck. But still, I’ll need this eventually. lol

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@kongorilla​, the diameter of the stem is about 12mm, but I’m thinking 11.5 should give it just enough wiggle room. The length of the stem would need to be 10mm, not including the end caps. The end caps should probably be no more than 14mm wide, with one end cap as flat as possible for resting close to flush against my head. TY again for this help, my ren faire group has decided to go to our local farmers market in our outfits this Thursday, since several of us couldn’t go. That means I’m once again in a rush. lol


@Robert_Gorman_GoGoCh Give this STL a shot. I printed two sets, and they worked well (it took great force to join them, and they don’t come apart), but we’ll see if the tolerances are right for your printer. BTW, the hole in the bottom of the larger part is to allow you to poke a nail or something in there to push the two halves apart, should the need arise. The flange seems too small to me, but it’s 14mm per your request.

(Robert Gorman (GoGoCharlie)) #16

@kongorilla​​​ TY again! I really wasn’t expecting someone to make something custom, just point me to it. lol

This is a shot of the section it’s gonna plug into, it’s the same on both sides, so the flange needs to be able to work around those rivets. That’s the reason for the 14mm.


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@kongorilla​​, I printed and popped one in as a quick test. Turned out great. Though I had to resort to a rubber mallet to insert it, and that scared the crap outta me. lol



Cool, glad it worked out. I made them to be joints for a strandbeest thingy I designed a few years ago. I just had to do some scaling for your purposes. The posts work well, but when they’re as tight as you describe, they’re almost impossible to separate without destroying them.

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It’s pennies in plastic and less than 10 minutes to print. I consider them disposable. lol

(Robert Gorman (GoGoCharlie)) #20

Though upon retrospect, the paint times will have an effect.