I am currently working on a service that will allow users to embed interactive,

I am currently working on a service that will allow users to embed interactive, purchasable 3d models into any website. Users will also be able to login through Facebook and send models to their friends. We hope to launch the site within 2 months. If you have any interest sign up to be notified once we launch - http://manumake.activehosted.com/form/1039
You can email me at: Mitchell@manunake.com


I saw a “coming soon” message, and that indeed took one second.
Is that it ?

We are still working on the site as you can see… I just wanted to start a sort of discussion about and see if anyone had any questions.

Hm, I think it is to early for questions. :wink:

Hmmm,… That’s weird, my corporate filter blocks it as a potential unsafe threat.

I don’t have a Facebook account. Will I be able to use your service?

Well I can assure you it’s not a threat. Is that the URL it’s blocking or http://manumake.com?

No worries if you don’t have a Facebook account! We will allow you to sign in with your email. We are incorporating Facebook to make sharing quicker and easier.

Oh, yeah, and I can’t even view your page since it requires flash. Neither Android nor iOS support flash, but work well with HTML5.

There is a mobile fallback that doesn’t use flash. Don’t worry once we launch, the site will be iOS and android friendly.

Define purchasable. Are the models files purchasable, or are you printing physical objects?

The models can be made purchasable by the user that has rights to the model. Once someone uploads the model to our site they can customize how the “viewer” looks and functions, such as charging for it. You can then embed it into your site or send it to someone.

Yes the model files, we don’t print them.

Interesting idea, Mitchell

Yeah I think it’s a space that needed to be filled to help advance the 3D printing industry.

i think this is a great idea! it is a big step forward for 3D models to be shown online.

free service?

That’s a pretty slick idea; best of luck in your endeavors.