I am considering starting an online purchase. I want a Kossel.

I am considering starting an online purchase. I want a Kossel.

4 NEMA 17 motors from MakerGeeks
J-Head MKIV Hotend for RepRap 3D Printers
Kossel 3D Printer Kit

What else do I need and where should I get it?
Will those MakerGeek NEMA 17 motors be enough?
What controller should I get?

I may be doing ABS and PLA filaments and perhaps some pick&place (for which I may have to develop my own end piece). I may even want to do some clay or other similar print if I can figure out how to do it on a delta.

I’d be mildly hesitant of the makergeeks motors. I can’t speak to the company or anything, but you can get acceptable motors from elsewhere for about $5 cheaper. I don’t see anything to suggest that these are superior motors.

A brainwave or a printrboard will be sufficient for electronics. And you’ll need a power supply.

As a final note: 3d printing is an adventure, even 3 years into it there are still rough patches, and things rarely work out as simply as you’d hope. This is going to be compounded by going with a delta printer. There are lots and lots of people with cartesian printers, but fewer with deltas. So depending on how committed you are and how much time and effort you’re willing to put in, you might consider going with a cartesian printer instead.

Hmm…there is a Kossel printer dude and there is SeeMeCNC on the freenode reprap IRC channel that I can talk to. There are a few others there that I can even google hangout with. I think the live tips department may be handled for me. ( lucky me :smiley: )

I may end up using OctoPrint with it to control the printer and watch the thing.

I talked with a guy from makergeeks via email. He added specs for the motor and may have changed the printer kit page, but I did not notice a difference on the kit page.