I am completely stuck at this moment.

I am completely stuck at this moment. My friend who was going to print parts, moved to another country so my project is delayed for unknown period of time.
Will somebody be able to print parts for me? I am ready to cover print time and material. Also I am looking forward to participate in Print Forward as soon as it won’t be a shame to show my print results

I should be done with my printer next week (Hopefully). If your not on the list of the print it forward then I suggest you get on it. Also if you don’t have a build plate let me know. I might be able to source one for you. After calibration I’ll start on the print it forward list.

Can you please share the link for the mentioned list? Also build plate is something that I am looking at. I have small 20x20 one and set up for it, but it is a shame to have a nice large frame with such a small build size

Here is the link with the print it forward:

I will keep you posted with the build plate. It should be done this week.

Is that list up to date? @Gus_Montoya you’re still on the list :slight_smile:

No It’s not up to date. I’ll take myself off.