I am banging my head against the wall trying to make the ChilliPeppr logo

I am banging my head against the wall trying to make the ChilliPeppr logo to come out correctly, and other simple item like circles. First, let me clarify I got the bug watching all the neat thing you guys are making with ChilliPeppr and inexpensive CNC, I had to make one. I build an OX CNC 1000mm X 1000mm. But I am new to this. I am using a TinyG v8 to control the hardware. Before that I tried Grbl v3 with an Arduino Uno and got the same results with both. I can send the CP logo 20 times and it repeats exactly the same. I send it at 2x, 5x and even 8x and the output is the same.

Below are pictures of the CP logo, a dust boot I tried to make and my new CNC. Any help will be much appreciated.

I can post my TinyG configuration and any detail required to help me troubleshoot my problem, if someone is willing to help.

Looks fine to me. Your pen probably just has a lot of flex in it

Hi John. Thanks for responding so fast. I will try with an actual router bit and see if the machine works as it should.

I’m with John. Try a bit on some soft wood and see if you have better results. Nice job on the CNC build. I would love to build an Ox.

Unfortunately, the result is the same as with the pen. Just a little less pronounced.

Below is a link to the picture using a router bit on MDF. I painted the board black to see the result better.


Have you tried the test in different areas along your work bed?

It seems like perhaps your timing belts are slipping. Did you make sure you really tightened down the stepper motor shaft connection?

+Phil, thanks I enjoyed building it. The first real test was on MDF after John’s recommendation but so far same results.

+Alex, Yes, I have done 3 side by side even different router bits and no improvement.

+John, the belts are as tight as they can be. There is no backlash and no slipping on them. Included in the link is a pic of the XY axis. If you look closely the belt on the X axis, it wraps around the pulley 180 deg. I think I am going to change the X axis stepper try it and if no change then the Y axis. Y/N?