I am about to push the button on a Kickstarter campaign to fund a

I am about to push the button on a Kickstarter campaign to fund a run of parts for the Lyman II Extruder. While doing my research, I found the Filastruder project. It was very well supported, but that presents me with a quandary. Does that mean the community is eager for extruder kits? Or, is everyone who wanted one already on the list for a Filastruder?

I would love to have one. I was thinking about building my own. I’ve heard of the filabot and the laymen but not the other one.

You planning on selling kits or gearing up for OSH?

There’s always room for more in the sandbox. I’m awaiting my @Makible Ramen.

A full set will be the reward for one of the funding levels, and depending on demand I will make extra for sale at a reasonable price. I think the Filabot and Filastruder are the same thing. I was just looking at the tab for the kickstarter page.

Link? When your setup.

I will post it tomorrow, just have to get final approval from the shop owner .

Ill be looking for it.

The Filabot & Filastruder are different, Filabot is meant to also recycle plastic and includes a grinder, Filastruder is designed to use virgin ABS pellets.

Ok, I see. I was replying from my mobile and could not check the source. thanks for the correction.

I’m looking to start extruding my own filament soon, and the only thing keeping me from backing filastruder is the fact that I’ll have to wait a few months to receive the kit. I think someone should provide a kit with all the parts of a lyman extruder that can’t be easily obtained (the custom metal parts) and/or the electronics.

If I wasn’t clear, the machined parts are what I want to fund. I am a machinist with access to a cnc shop and I can do the programming myself.

That’s good to hear, but, like you said, I’m not sure how much support you’d get (or how much you’re looking for) with the filastruder on kickstarter. I’d definitely be willing to pay for the custom parts, but other people seeing this for the first time will base their decision heavily on price and turnaround time

Got a thumbs up from the owner, submitted project for review. I’ll blast the link everywhere when it is approved.
The cost of the parts will be considerably cheaper than the Filastruder kit, but there is a lot more DIY. If it gets fully funded, I’ll try to use the shops buying power to put together an off-the-shelf kit as well.