I am a new owner of an R7 kit with the Pro controller.

(Dwight Casteel) #1

I am a new owner of an R7 kit with the Pro controller. For awhile now I have struggled with minor problems that kept me from completing the build, but now it is almost finished. Almost.

(Personally I have found that Hobby-Fab customer support is truly exceptional, but both the written and video instruction is a bit lacking.)

Per the instructions I connected the three wires from the spindle to the terminal block on the x gantry plate. Now what? I have an “accessories” connector to the controller that needs to be connected to four points (p. 45):
Yellow/Blue= (+/-) PWM
Red/Green=(+/-) 0-10V
There is also a pair to connect to a probe, but I don’t have one of those so not worrying about them for now.

I have this from the website:
Wiring to the spindle is simple
which I assume means that the VFD outputs of U, V and W should connect to the three wires at the terminal block such that the letters match to the pin numbers inside the spindle connector.

The above would indicate, then, that those connections to the controller are from the VFD. But where, what, how?

So I watched the “OX and R7 wiring example video” once more. OK, I think I connect the Red and Green wires to A1 and N1 (or vice versa). Also I have to jump something, maybe X1 to X3, but not sure since it was left up in the air in the video. Now all I need to know is where to connect those pesky yellow and blue wires.

In that video it is stated that what is being presented is “in the manual”. If that is true I don’t have the manual.

I did download the VFD instruction book but attempting to get anything from that turned my mind to mush pretty fast.

Can anyone here give me some help? Please keep it as simple as possible; I’m a woodworker with a 55 year old aero engineering degree so anything beyond plain electrical connections gets confusing fast.

(Colin Kaminski) #2

I don’t know how much help I can be as I am running an older version of the electronics but I will lay out some simple things hoping I accidentally trigger an idea. I don’t have any connector blocks. So my wiring goes from the spindle back to the VFD without any breaks. The spindle is 3 phase. That means that connecting the wires in any order is fine. With the exception that if the motor spins backwards you need to reverse any two.

I don’t use the PWM (pulse width modulation) output at all but it would be used to set spindle speed or set a laser power level. Likewise the 0-10V is a similar analog signal used to control things. I left both disconnected. I set the speed manually. It would be nice to set it in the software but in a year and a half I haven’t gotten around to it.

(Dwight Casteel) #3

I think this wiring video answers all my questions; too bad I did not know it existed.
To use the layout in the video I will have to change the full layout of my machine and its location in my shop. I guess an option is to build my own wiring harnesses, but don’t think I want to mess with that.
Hobby Fab: Do you know that YouTube has two home locations for your videos? This wiring video is in the location with only 3 videos and 4 subscribers. The location that customers go to from the link on your web site has
25 videos and 599 subscribers. But this video is not in that 25, which is probably why I never found it.
I just read over all the above and it sounds a bit snarky - - don’t mean it that way. I’m really happy to have the video and I do appreciate the help.

(Brandon Satterfield) #4

Just an absolute blast speaking with you yesterday @Dwight_Casteel .
This guy is going to crank out some awesome stuff!