I also Have just taken one,

(Gentili Giuliano) #1

I also Have just taken one, but still not tested

(ly Zheng) #2

How much you paid for it? Hope to see the working video.

(Jon Gritton) #3

What benefits does pellet extrusion offer over regular filament?

(Gentili Giuliano) #4

@Jon_Gritton Price of pellets is a fraction of price of filament, you can test different mix of polimers, you can use recicled plastic (just minching by a shredder) . Is also available a special screw for extrusion of “PET bottle stripes” that are virtually gratis in my home as we buy lot of bottled water. I want also test packing plastic stripes ( that also are virtually gratis for me)

(Gentili Giuliano) #5

@ly_Zheng about 400 euros included taxes. But I toke the most expansive version, with both the screws for botttles and for pellets. Pellets only or bottles only versions are much cheaper, as the screw is a special machined part and probably the most expansinve piece of the kit. You can ask a quote directly to @mahor_muniz_cadenas

(ly Zheng) #6

not sure whether it’s patented because I hope to make one too

(Jon Gritton) #7

@Gentili_Giuliano interesting, thanks. Is that assembly used as the moving hot end? (Sorry, haven’t had a chance to watch your entire video yet, I will!). Seems like it’d be awfully heavy.

(Ryan Carlyle) #8

Note, water bottle plastic turns to tar if it’s not extremely well-dried prior to melting. It’s not the same polymer as filament.

(Gentili Giuliano) #9

@Ryan_Carlyle thanks for information, I will do. I want also to try to use these stripes. I have a bag of them every week as they are used to close packages for my supplies at work. It should be polypropylene. Has anybody tried to use them?missing/deleted image from Google+

(Gentili Giuliano) #10

@ly_Zheng I guess it is open source, but the big problem is machining the screw. I think on thingvese should be also an older version using a modified wood drill bit as screw. Eventually you can order just the screw and build everything else.

(Ryan Carlyle) #11

@Gentili_Giuliano haven’t heard of anybody using those. Don’t know what material they are. If it’s PP, you might have printing issues. Polypropylene is extremely warpy, WAY worse than ABS. But it doesn’t have moisture problems at all.

(ly Zheng) #12

@Gentili_Giuliano Thank you man. I think the screw part we can also build. We have a quite good workshop doing these things. Look, this is the building plate of our printers.missing/deleted image from Google+

(Jakab Gipsz) #13

I think it’s a much better solution, a desktop extruder to make the fiber from the pellets and feed the printer.

  • This extruder is severe, even though the moving weight is less better (remote extruder)
  • Takes big space to reduce print size
  • If you get stuck for something, printing stops
  • Longer prints need to be loaded and refilled
  • The pellet developed for high quality printing is not much cheaper
  • The quality of your own pelletized pellets is doubtful, causing blockage
  • In case of plugging, cleaning is much heavier than normal extruder

As an idea interesting, but for that you can get a desktop filament extruder and you do not even have to touch the printer.

(Gentili Giuliano) #14

@Jakab_Gipsz Well, I evaluated dextop extruders, but they seem to have many less issues than this one. You can not print directly onlinewith extruded filament that needs cooling and spooling. Than price of the filament extruder is quite high, at least for all commercial kits I found. Also it is also needed as a spooler, increasing total cost of the system. than:

  • Yes it’s a bit heavy, I’d like to try to reduce the weight of the motor and drive the system by a flex3drive.
  • If you get some kind of extruder printing stops, why should this be worse than other for this point of view?
  • True, but I was planning to try to connect some flexible tubes to the big magazine. may be a really stupid idea or a good Idea. Suggestions are accepted.
  • Must check, but seems I can easily find for 50% of the price of filament (checked only ABS, special mix polymers are not so easily comparable)
  • yes, probably recicled pelled is a bit crappy. But system seems to be strong and tested, by its’s inventor, to work in these conditions. Can not say before I try.
  • I do not know why exactly should be so heavy to clean. Still need to be tried.

I guess this kind of extruder is thought to be a big deal. Also I loved the concept, it is something new and it can be experimented with new plastic materials.

(Jakab Gipsz) #15

Ok, i understand, good luck!

(mahor muñiz cadenas) #16

the hopper can be feeding by flexible hose and static hopper :+1:

(sarayut lapho) #17

Use what program to control ?