I 3d printed these parts for my akg k414p earphones.

I 3d printed these parts for my akg k414p earphones. Without it, earphones were simply useless. Few years ago I epoxied original parts because I didn’t have 3d printer. Now I have printed it. Yeah!


That’s what it’s all about - first thing I designed and 3D printed were clips to fix several broken windows in my house. Suddenly I could open them instead of leaving them locked all the time (they would fall out without the clips)


You guys are making me want to get one!

@Jack_Taylor you should, but to reach full potential you need to learn 3d cad, or you are stuck downloading other people’s models

Nathan, what do you edit your files in?

Fusion 360. It’s free for makers. Commercial users pay. You could start with something easy like 123D design to get started.

I made this model using FreeCAD.

I looked at FreeCAD, but I found it to be unstable - how do you find it?

use developer version it could be stable.

@Nathan_Ryan ​ most FreeCAD users find it stable. It hardly crashes on me, but creating complex models with sweeps, lofts can get tricky. If it crashes on you, maybe there’s something specific to your setup. The best place to figure it out is the FreeCAD forum as the devs are not active anywhere else.

Hey, nice idea! Can you make the stl files available?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Wayner_Klen! This is content that was imported to Maker Forums from Google+ when Google shut down Google+ (thus the gplus label), and the user you are trying to converse with has not yet logged into Maker Forums, so they won’t get notification of your question, sadly. :frowning:

Hey @mcdanlj, no problem! I already projected this part last night and it worked! Thank you for messaging me! :slight_smile:

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Here is the drawn I made, by the way! :slight_smile:

peça AKG.stl (6.3 KB)

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