Hypercube Evolution HercuLien Eustathios Hybrid?

I’m half tempted to abort the Hypercube Evolution and change it over to a HercuLien Eustathios Hybrid.

What do you think? I would need parts for holding the smooth rods that will mount on 3030 extrusion. I’m thinking maybe the HercuLien might?

Are there things you are not liking about the hypercube? I’ve heard good things about it.

Just putting it together I just didn’t get that warm and fuzzy feeling like I did when I built my ESPV2. I will probably stick it out and finish it. I really want to have a dual extrusion setup but maybe I should just hold off and get one of the Palette 2 systems. I’m using the Azteeg X5 Mini WiFi on this. Super quiet!!!

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