HX40A Rabbit laser

Please if someone know which software I can use for my HX40A laser.
Now I have Newlydraw but is half on Chinese language

Hi @Drazen_Lukic and welcome to the forum. I’m not familiar with this variant of the K40 but it’s possible you could use the K40 Whisperer program. Can you post a picture of the control board? @Scorch do you have any insight?

I think Newlydraw is made by the same company that made Laser Draw. But I am not sure if the controler boards for Newlydraw are compatible with K40 Whisperer. The boards that work with Newlydraw may have PWM power control.

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@Drazen_Lukic, HX40A is this reference the very old (>7 years old one)?

Ja @StephaneBUISSON , it’s old one. If you can help me, please contact me

Without any modification, I will not be able to help. If you are happy to update your controller board, you must first check if your laser power supply accept pwm, or you will have to change it too.
At worst it would cost about 160$, to have a “modern machine”, with access of open source softwares.

Thx for reply. For now i dont have plan to investment. :frowning:

@Drazen_Lukic did you ever take look at the controller board? (the board the USB cable plugs into) Like @Nednam I would be interested in seeing a picture.

The only picture I was able to find was from an old G+ Cohesion3d post where @raykholo was helping someone convert one over to a mini board.

Here is the link for while it lasts


Ah, that guy.

It has the same ribbon cable as the K40 but that’s about it, don’t know that it would be compatible with Whisperer.

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I have been trying to figure out what controller boards use Newlydraw. The board in the picture is parallel port driven so I am guessing it does not support Newlydraw.

Based on the information in the document linked below about Newlydraw I would surmise that the boards Newlydraw supports would be USB based and some of the boards it supports may have PWM power control.

I don’t know. Newlydraw may support both USB and parallel port boards.

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Just to be clear, the boards that have been pictured in this thread so far are definitively not supported by K40 Whisperer.

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This message I get

You could install the drivers that K40 Whisperer uses to get rid of that error but K40 Whisperer will not work with your controller board. K40 Whisperer has no ability to talk to a laser controller through a parallel port and it does not look like the company Lihuiyu made that board.

Now its look good with Newlydraw 1.5