Huh. Originally shared by null Want to see the BOM that took the cake

Want to see the #3Dprinter BOM that took the cake in our #Reddit contest? Check out the Alumimaker 2! Pics and STLs available too.

His design look very very similar. Oh well.

@Tim_Rastall ​ kinda felt the same way… Huh.

It’s basically an ultimaker 1 with extrusions. Not a copy of ingentis or Eustathios or herculien. Same ultimaker carriage. Same belt set up etc etc.

It even has the same two z rods on one side like the Ultimaker and it looks like their EXACT carriage… Is it different at all other than size?

the big difference was he submitted it (I won 3rd place BTW)

It uses direct drive on the X & Y axes instead of a short belt, so it is a little bit different than an Ultimaker.

@SirGeekALot good point, missed that.

The rules said it did not have to be an original BOM regardless. I asked for any info Misumi might provide on their selection criteria and they didn’t want to reveal. I suspect it might be down to the terrific photo gallery.

to be honest, this was a build I was going to chase after before digging deeper into this community and deciding on the eustathios. no denying the success of the UM and UM2 (that price though… yikes)