Fully 3D printed including impeller and jet drive unit.

Fully 3D printed including impeller and jet drive unit.

Looks amazing. What printer are you using? The quality is really good. This makes me want to design a boat!!

@Engineering_Nonsense Thanks! I’m using the Prusa i3 MK2 Totally worth it. I’ve had 3 self built printers in the past. Got rid of them and replaced it with this unit. Over a year later and zero regrets. It just runs like a champ. Print quality is great and it is really reliable. Only times prints fail is when I failed to do something with the bed degreasing.

If you’re going to print it, consider using the version 3 hull as the current hull does suffer a little from chine walking I think. Its linked near the top of the youmagine page. Its a proven hull shape that has been used over on the jetboat RC groups subforum.
If you’d like the hull thickness changed or any quick edits let me know and I’ll whip em up for you.

@Jotham_B I’ve been on the fence about one of those since they came out. My diy printer is exceptionally good–Its my baby, but it has it’s issues. I just can’t make myself fork over the $600 (or whatever it was) for the Mk2 prusa i3

I can relate. My scratch built machine got so much TLC but ultimately… still worth upgrading. Printing on 3dhubs it paid for itself. But 3dhubs is pulling the plug on peer2peer part of the platform… There’s a post on r/3dprinting about it… You can sometimes get one second hand cheaper if you keep an eye out

@Jotham_B I haven’t thought about that. I will keep an eye open thanks.