Hello good people of the LaserWeb community,

Hello good people of the LaserWeb community, if you guys didn’t know it @cprezzi ​​ has been diligently working on optimizing the comms layer for use in LaserWeb4 sadly he only has a diode laser to test with. He is the mastermind behind an amazing amount of development and has devoted much of his valuable time to the community since last October, listed at the bottom of this is an impressive list of the achievements he has accomplished. Claudio is the last member of the development team that doesn’t have a CO2 laser. to increase his coding efficiency with on the fly updates, we as a community should step one up more time and assist in helping purchase a K40 so we can see more amazing developments to Laserweb4 .His donation link is and I will start off the drive with a 20$ donation



  • Added Grbl 1.1 Support
  • Implemented Feedrate and Laser power overrides for Smoothie and Grbl 1.1
  • Tonne of work on optimising communications to Smoothieware by implementing smoothie_buffer to try mitigating the performance issues we had with Smoothieware
  • Implemented software based Laser Test button that works with Smoothieware and Grbl
  • Migrated Grbl to Fast-streaming protocol
  • Various stability and user interface improvements
  • Moved Jog Commands to backend to allow easier setup and more inter-firmware compatibility

LW.COMM-SERVER for LaserWeb4

  • Wrote a new modular communications server that works not only with Laserweb but any other application that need to interface with Grbl/Smoothieware/TinyG
  • Added TinyG Support
  • Moved ESP8266 support to Backend and improved it
  • Added log-to-file functionality for troubleshooting
  • Added telnet communication support to stream to Smoothieware over ethernet
  • Implemented GCode Optimisation

Implemented the communications / WebSocket layer to allow LW4’s frontend to talk to LW.COMM-SERVER

What he is still working on

  • Completing Macro support in LW4
  • Optimising ESP8266 communication allowing for wifi control of machines
  • Electron Installer (along with Peter van der Walt)


+Peter van der Walt

Did my due diligence. Thank-you for the amazing work @cprezzi

Sent some dollars to him earlier today. Thanks Claudio

So did I :slight_smile:

@Alex_Krause Many thanks for your due dilligence! Wau. I didn’t realise myself that it was already so much work/time :wink:

And thanks to all others for supporting me! I’m very grateful!

I added a mite.

Awesome jobs and superb execution. Keep it coming @cprezzi

Threw him some vino money…

I’m in

Hab dir auch eine Kleinigkeit gesendet. Ich hoffe aber du experimentierst mit DiodenLaser ebenso weiter.

Thank you for all your efforts. Small token to help you get on the K40 train.

Thanks for your work. I hope that it includes a log … LOL.

+Peter van der Walt so …

I add:
config.logLevel = x;
x =0 is no log
x= 1 - 3 sets the amount of detail

where is the log kept then?

BTW I did send a case of beer :)!

+Peter van der Walt not much of a js person.

Are you saying the config.js should be in the same directory as server.js on my PC?

There are several server.js files on my machine.

Looked at the link above.

Are you referring to: … /node_modules/laserweb/server-grbl.js?
And the config file: … /node_modules/laserweb/config.js?

+Peter van der Walt
I did do an “official” install of LW3.

I just found this directory:
/This PC/Windows/Laserweb3
and in it is:

[no idea why the search does not find that instance. I have both LW and LW3 directories]
… LW3 …
/This PC/Windows/Laserweb3 directory/config.js

contains (ignore the brackets):
require(‘dotenv’).load({ silent: true });
var config = {};
config.webPort = process.env.WEB_PORT || 8000;
config.logFile = false;
module.exports = config;

Do I add:
config.logLevel = x;
x =0 is no log
x= 1 - 3 sets the amount of detail


do I need to change config.logFile = false;


config.logFile = true;

Thanks, when I get this working I will write it up for everyone.

In LW3 you can only switch logging on or off by config.logFile = true or false. The different logging levels came later for LW4.

+Peter van der Walt Which K40 version do the most users have? Should I take the old one with analog meter and pot, or the newer one whith digital meter? With air assist? Movable Bed? Gold plated? :wink:

I think it makes sense that I test with the same machine that most of our users have.

Could someone send me some links to good offers, please?

(I’m in switzerland, delivery to Germany is also ok.)

the one with the POT and diamonds around the screen

@cprezzi definitely with the pot and milli-amp meter otherwise you will have to add them.