Will this work for an ingentis?
Will this work for an ingentis?

That’s 2020. Same stuff, slightly different profile (center piece has those wings in the cutout to help with tapping)

What is the center hole size?

Bore Diameter:0.205"
Thats what the website says.

It’s from 80/20, not cheap.

@Mike_Thornbury ​ Where do you suggest I purchase it from?

The link you provided has misnamed it. It’s 20-series, not 10-series.

Dunno where you should buy it, don’t live in your country.

I pay $15/M for 2040

By ‘not cheap’ I meant, ‘good quality’. At just over $10/M that’s pretty good.

I suggest @MISUMI_USA ​​ they have accurate cuts to save time and effort. The 3 things any task take are: time, money, and effort. More of one decreases the amount of the others needed. If i put more time and effort in cutting and taping myself then it’s cheaper. More money and @MISUMI_USA ​​ will drill and thread for you. Take parts out if the box and assemble.

I would love to use Misumi, but over here they are… Difficult. They won’t ship to me. I can buy anything I want, but have to organise shipping from Sg or My to here… Not easy when you aren’t a corporate. Locally FedEx and DHL won’t give me an account, because I am not a ‘company’, but I am not allowed to be a company (wrong sort of visa) and yet I do about $6k with DHL alone each year, which they acknowledge is more than 50% of their customers.

Welcome to the Asian mindset…

That sucks what country are you in?