Added a few videos of the patterns the 42 x 43 matrix table

Added a few videos of the patterns the 42 x 43 matrix table can make

Great stuff!!

Looks amazing!

Love the fireworks

@Mark_Estes - Looks totally awesome. Now I’m really excited to dive into the LEDMatrix library! You’re definitely inspiring me to step up my game on the art/design side of things :slight_smile:

Looks great! Very envious. Possible to see some of your code?

Got the 64 by 64 matrix working last night. Images and clips here. Most of these were filmed before I lined up the 16 matrix panels so the gaps and edges are all over the place. However, the improvement in speed due to 8 pin // output is noticeable. Working now to adjust timing on many of these (faster of slower).

@Mark_Estes Daaaamn good work. Animations are awesome. Whats lib are you using for the animations?

@Mark_Estes I really like the way you designed a lot of these. The idea of fading all pixels and then drawing only your objects each frame (rather than calculating the entire screen each frame) makes for really cool ghosting/fading trails, and I bet its really elegant (not to mention concise and all around faster) in code too.

code posted on a newer thread. this uses FastLED, LEDMatrix, and Octo…

@Mark_Estes sorry, my search foo is failing, I’m only seeing this post and other posts with pictures, but no code link. Do you mind re-posting the code link?