Thinking about building Smartfriendz: 3d printer kit smartcore using 2020 extrusion as frame,

(hon po) #1

Thinking about building @Smartfriendz_3d_prin smartcore using 2020 extrusion as frame, and my makibox as parts. Wanted to change a few things, but coding 3d objects just not my cup of tea.

STL files is not good for assembly in the CAD environment. So I just recreated the design (with some tweak) in Inventor. A step file is available for import to other CAD.

(Mike Thornbury) #2

Looks overly complex and with some torsion stress issues. Why don’t you make your x-axis horizontal? You are already making a flat bearing mount for your y-axis sliders, just mount the x-axis sliders directly to that and you seriously reduce the amount of shake and twisting that you are going to get from inertia on a tall, weighty structure that you have now.

Your print head mount is simplified into the bargain.

Save weight, keep weight low, reduce inertia and stress.

(Mateusz Perlak) #3

@Mike_Thornbury That are good pointers for this printer, I have Smartcore in 1.0 version and this 1.2 is little better but I agree that horizontal X axis will be better, with hotend in middle between rods

(hon po) #4

@Mike_Thornbury Not my design. I just copy the SmartrapCore to start playing with different idea. Some seems to get decent print quality in:

It’s just corexy, I think this design is minimal approach rather than more complex. Horizontal X rods may be more stable, but cause more Y axis dead space. I want to reuse the makibox heated bed, a small printable area make the printer size to print area ratio even worst.

@Mateusz_Perlak Did you see nozzle swing on opposite Y movement?

(Mateusz Perlak) #5

@hon_po I didn’t noticed and quality is pretty good on my prints, however carriage is easily tilted on touch

(hon po) #6

Good to know. So a “hands off when printing” label will solve the problem. :wink: Life is good when you know where you could compromise without consequence.

I also don’t like vertical rods. Once design a mount for my Prusa i3 that put the hotend further from the rods, big mistake! Fiction from the spool could pull the nozzle upward.