Interesting because the retail price will be about $30 or €27.
Interesting because the retail price will be about $30 or €27.

I think the other Arduino projects (like the Yun, Zero, Due, Tre, Galileo) are ridiculously overpriced for their main target group. I’m a curriculum developer at a University of Professional Education and this is the first Arduino board I consider as a serious option to replace the UNO that the students currently have to buy.

Although I’m curious in which way their eco-system (read libraries like FastLED) is able to adapt to a completely new processor.

Will Intel be able to eat a bigger piece of the embedded processor cake in this way?

Regarding to BLE (4.0) it seems a pain to use this as a virtual serial port under Windows. Any one already know a work around.

Very, very Interesting!

Looks like a nice alternative to the Uno, and would love to try the BLE. But, like all new boards, I’ll wait until FastLED is ported. :slight_smile:

From my experience with Intel, i would stay away from these. Their 2 previous boards the Galieleo G1, G2 and the Edison were amazing little bits of hardware. Untill Intel decided to cripple their SDK. For the price, the NodeMCU is far better

The Intel boards where marketed by Intel. This seems really a new Arduino, with an Intel processor instead of an Atmel.