E3D hotend socks are out! Already ordered 9!

E3D hotend socks are out! Already ordered 9!

If I had any of the new heater blocks you can bet I would be ordering some too. Alas, I’ll have to wait until I break a hotend, build another printer, or add another modular effector to my delta. Sigh…

Just ordered mine :slight_smile: fortunately I ordered the new E3D after the cartridge change.

So how exactly would you know which cartridge one would have?

A couple of months ago they changed the hot end to a cartridge thermistor (instead of screw) that should tell you. Also the design of the aluminum block is slightly different as a result.

I’ll have to check the one I bought, I got it a while back though (maybe a year or more so it’s probably the older style).

@Luis_Pacheco If it wasn’t ordered in the past 2 months, it’s the old style.

Then yes, definitely old style! Might have to check into an upgrade kit then, I’ve been wanting to change my nozzle to a hardened steel one anyways. Appreciate the info @Sean_B

Does anyone have any comments on the accuracy of the new thermosistor?

im thinkin of buying a second e3d soon…and if i do i would have to get a new block for my current. because i dont think firmware allows two different therm tables for nozzles.

Secondary nozzle would be ONLY for exotic/Hard/abrasive filaments.

but thats a bit in the monthish future. need to secure the bondtech first.

@Jim_Stone the thermistor is the same as before but potted in a metal cartridge. The new cartridge probably has better thermal contact, so you probably get slightly better response.