I see nowhere where the hardware was as likely to blame as the

I see nowhere where the hardware was as likely to blame as the software, and the user/author. Solidoodles aren’t bad, but take a lot of fiddling (IMHO) to get tot the point that a well built kit / rep rap start at initially.

anyone else have similar or differing experience?

This chasm is gonna be a bitch.

Kinda funny, since techrunch boasted about other 3d printers and how great and that everyone should have one, then they write this? Lol

I got a chance to operate a solidoodle 4. I have no issues with the software since I’m coming from a reprap background. My only gripe with the sd4 is the backlash in the Y direction. I’m sort of jealous that the author was able to get perfect circles while I’m stuck here getting ovals. I’ve spent a couple hours trying to get rid of the y backlash. Tensioned the y belt numerous times, performed this “true circle” countless times, tried compensating the backlash through firmware and added a pillow block to stop the rotating m6 smooth rod from deflectjng. Maybe I got a bad apple but it’s driving me nuts. If this wasn’t an issue, the sd4 would’ve been a decent starter machine.

Also, the author sounds like me when I first opened slic3r for the first time in my life.

idk if it is the same issue @Chris_Lau , but when I used a SD2, making sure the driven y axis shaft stayed centered in the x direction for its entire travel range. I think we did this by loosening the drive pulleys and running the carriage back and forth, then tightening them at the “true” alignment they took.

The system uses Repetier Host, a formerly open-source solution for RepRap printers.

Did I miss something?

Are you kidding? The solidoodle machines are the most shoddily-designed printers I’ve ever had the misfortune to work on. Even the poorly-built Printrbot Jr. I worked on for someone had more redeeming qualities.

@Whosa_whatsis What would you consider a better choice for the same $1000?

@Anthony_White I’ve done this a couple times but can’t seem to get it truly align. I guess I’ll try again but I’m ready to design a new gantry if I have to.

Yeah the solidoodle mechanics leave a lot to be desired. First thing I did way back when was replace the extruder, then eventually the entire z-axis. Still never printed that well. Went through a ton of their crap hotends as well.