I'm getting an error when trying to compile.

I’m getting an error when trying to compile. Here is the verbose error log. To me , it looks like the Mirf library is interfering with FastLED. I have used the OneButton library before with leds, so thats no issue.

Weird - I don’t know why it sometimes works and why it sometimes doesn’t. For now, you can just remove the FastLED copy of wiring.cpp - unfortunately, however, that will mean that you won’t be able to drive more than ~28 WS2811 pixels at a time (because the arduino version of wiring.c is stupidly inefficient and will blow out the interrupt timing code about once per ms - in the next couple of days I want to make the interruptability of the library be a configuration option to better work around this).

I had this same problem (or similar) when including the relatively old Rainbowduino driver library. I have an un-validated suspicion that the Rainbowduino code is explicitly including Arduino.h or something else that’s interfering with the new “wiring” setup. I’ll see if I can dig in a bit.

I checked mirf.h and it calls to include the Arduino.h right off the bat.