- Parametric 2.5D GCODE Generator for your CNC or Mill This works like

(Andrew Hodel) #1 - Parametric 2.5D GCODE Generator for your CNC or Mill

This works like OpenSCAD except for 2.5D Milling operations.

(Kyle Kerr) #2

I’m curious why a 2.5D CAM package seems to indicate a pocketing operation.

(Andrew Hodel) #3

@Kyle_Kerr ​ it is not a CAM package. The paths, tool definitions and cut operations are all defined at the input level and the output is gcode.

You can create a design, share it and the next guy only has to change 1 variable to use it on his machine. Hence the parametric part.

CAD and CAM are both 1 step and defined as a programming language. Read the About link on

It saves me a lot of time from design to cut and I can for example change the hole size for all or any number of screw holes on a part by simply changing a variable which defines said screw hole size.

(Xiao Shi Zi 1) #4

Thx for pointing us to this g-code generator.

(Michel Pollet) #5

It’s pretty cool tho – if you could import a DXF in there you could do a lot. In fact using openjscad you can use the CSG module, cut slices of it, and ‘cam’ it.

(Henrik Larsen) #6

Good start, and to use JS objects to define operations is handy, had the editor just offered IntelliSense for those objects.

It will be interresting to see where this goes.

(Kyle Kerr) #7

@Michel_Pollet Have you looked in to inkscape? I believe it can import DXF and there is even g-code generation available built in.

(Michel Pollet) #8

@Kyle_Kerr well the point is to have a parametric language, not a graphic package. I’ve used Inkscape+JSCut before, but quite frankly, it’s fiddly and primitive (and, very buggy)…

(Barnaby Relph) #9

Very cool. What licence is it released under?

(Andrew Hodel) #10

@Barnaby_Relph ​ the current licensing terms are described on the About page.

(Andrew Hodel) #11

There is also now the capability to import Polylines from a dxf. This means if all objects are a closed path it will convert the DXF to a Millcrum file.

(Barnaby Relph) #12

@Andrew_Hodel Thanks, I missed that first time around. Very easy to understand :slight_smile: