Here's a word about not buying from fatshark if can't get a proper

Here’s a word about not buying from fatshark if can’t get a proper return policy (FPV goggles are not one size fits all, so you have to try them for your eyes and the vendor should be willing to take them back minus shipping cost, if they don’t work for you)
This cost me a lot of time and money and I want to save you going through the same trouble and money loss than I did.
TL;DR: they are overhyped expensive goggles that sell without a receiver but for more than their competition that includes 5Ghz receivers, but more importantly if they don’t fit you, FS doesn’t give a hoot. After buying a $520 fatshark HD v2, having to glue on some foam insert, or you can’t even try them/wear them, and realizing their IPD is all wrong and I can’t see the sides of the screen (and when I can, they are blurry), getfpv told me they could not refund me for them because fatshark would not take them back.
Needless to say that I’m not impressed with a company that refuses the returns of products used once and that they couldn’t even design to work properly on wider western faces. The black foam insert on this picture actually needs to be glued on the goggles to really be able to try them on, and the moment you do that, they are not returnable.

I got their dominator V3 and Dominator HD v2 from getfpv to see which ones would fit me the best (or at all).
My face is a bit wide, so I have to use max IPD on all goggles, and even then the distance between my pupils always seems to be a bit more than the goggles, so Im not seeing the sides easily, or at all.
The skyzone goggles are a great buy with their diversity receiver built in, but using them is not super comfortable for me due to the IPD problem.
The skyzone 3D V2 goggles have one extra mm in the max IPD, so they’re almost ok for me.
Yet, I figured I’d try the newer fatsharks since they are supposed to have a great IPD. After seeing reviews that the HD Dominator v2 had the biggest visible screen in the market (not counting headplay), and that they were worth the money, I thought I’d give them a shot along with their cheaper cousin, the Dominator v3.
Well, sure enough they didn’t fit me: I couldn’t see the whole screen on the HD v2, and the sides were blurry on top of that.
Needless to say that I find it unacceptable that fatshark will not authorize returns of goggles that do not fit. I, for sure, will never buy anything from fatshark again. While I wish getfpv could have processed a return without charging me 20% restocking fee, they assured me that it was really only because that’s the cost they incur from fatshark themselves who does not allow returns of used products, even if they didn’t fit.

For my remaining options, while the fit isn’t perfect, I’m pretty happy with my skyzones v2 3D, incredible bang for the buck (and the receivers work quite well, I got more than 7km out of them). The fatshark dominator v3 also fit me ok enough, but don’t even come with an RX receiver which costs extra and isn’t a diversity receiver like the skyzones, nor do they support real 3D with 2 streams, again like the skyzones do.