Hrmmm. 33h (at least) print failed after 17.5 hours.

(Peter Parnes) #1

Hrmmm. 33h (at least) print failed after 17.5 hours. Two of the inner rings came loose. Should have printed with a brim.

(CornGolem) #2

Did anyone succeed in printing this object (with FDM) ? (there are several editions)

(Peter Parnes) #3

I thought I would try again with a raft or brim.

(Ketil Froyn) #4

What part is this?

(Peter Parnes) #5
(Al Williams) #6

What kind of plastic and what are you printing on (hot kapton, blue tape, abs juice, hairspray, futura)?

(Peter Parnes) #7

I printed in PLA and only blue tape. Good adhesion earlier and it held for 17h :slight_smile:

(Al Williams) #8

@Peter_Parnes Did you try sanding the blue tape to rough it up? Hairspray (Aqua Net) may help also. I’ve heard people say a PVA glue stick can help too, but never tried it. 70C hot glass (no tape) works good if clean of fingerprints for me.

(Peter Parnes) #9

I might have been a bit sloppy. Will try again with brand new blue tape and no fingerprints. Sanding as well perhaps.

(Peter Parnes) #10

Doing another attempt now. Follow it live via a crappy camera:

(Peter Parnes) #11

Here is the more sucseafull second attempt: