Howdy, I'm new to this world;

Howdy, I’m new to this world; I’m a synth addict who wants to make PCBs (and maybe panels in 1/16" aluminum) with a Mantis or Mantis-like CNC. I have a few woodworking skills and I’m good with electronics, it’ll be interesting to see how the mechanicals work out for me :slight_smile:

Welcome Pete, I hope the members of the community can help you as much as they have helped me in my search for answers in my quest to build my machine.

Welcome mate, probably the easiest way to get into cnc would be to purchase a Chinese style router. That’s how I did I originally bought a Yoocnc 3040. Check my YouTube videos dctteacher1. Cheers Aaron

Thank you :slight_smile: I’ve already bought most of the mechanical parts for the Mantis, so I’m a fair bit committed. Which was kind of the point, after all.

Hey no probs Pete. I was unaware that you already started with the parts. Please post a vid or pics of your progress. Cheers Aaron

Definitely will do. Thanks :slight_smile: (by 'the point", I meant “the point of getting parts was to make sure I actually did something”, btw).