Howdy everyone. I may have found a supplier for borosilicate glass, custom cut,

Howdy everyone. I may have found a supplier for borosilicate glass, custom cut, to replace VoxelFactory (or until VF is able to start providing the service again).

At any rate, they do have $50 minimum order. Here’s their email response:

As we discussed, we do have a $50.00 minimum order requirement, I am pleased to quote your request as follows:

Clear Borosilicate Glass, Edges Cut & Swiped (by hand)…not a machined edge.
3.3mm thick X 345mm Wide X 360mm Long [*we will convert to inches as close as we can]

Qty. 1 $50.00
Qty. 2 $31.06/each
Qty. 5 $27.95/each

*Shipping is NOT included in this price…that would be additional

Payment Terms: Credit Card payment in advance

Here’s Steve’s contact information, you can contact him directly should you decide to proceed.

Steve Meinhardt
Inside Sales
Cincinnati Gasket & Industrial Glass
513-761-3458 PH / 513-761-2994 FAX

Looks good. But be careful posting peoples email. I can lead to heavy spam for them.

No worries @Eclsnowman , I confirmed with him first, before I posted it.

Seth, thank you for the info!

@Seth_Messer ahh. Good man, good man.

Yeah Steve’s a good guy. I’ve placed two orders through him. Highly recommend CGI.

Shippings usually $25 but it’s very well packaged

@Mike_Kelly_Mike_Make Thanks Mike! Glad we’ve got someone here that’s already had some experience with them. Yeah, Steve was super nice and helpful on the phone.

@Seth_Messer would you mind changing the BOM, looks like a good choice to me. But also we should mention in the BOM that window glass is a good option for those with a lower budget. It has served me well, but man those edges can be sharp. I took them down slightly with very fine emery cloth followed by crocus cloth.

so $75 for one shipped to my house? Did I read from someone within our group that borosilicate is not necessary? Normal glass should be fine?

@Dat_Chu yup plain glass is fine.

I don’t mind one bit. Will get it updated and cleaned up this evening.

@Dat_Chu before I heard back from these guys at CGI, I had my local glass company cut me some glass to spec. i did 3/16" though… to try and keep it close to the borosilicate thickness from the BOM.

My local glass company quoted me $75 for one piece of glass so I said, sorry but no thank you. I need to try out Home Depot or something.

If you do a group buy the price drops pretty quick as seen in his original quote.

Borosilicate is probably excessive but when dealing with 100+C glass it’s better to error on the side of strength in case something cold ever touches it by accident.

Wow @Dat_Chu that’s crazy. Mine is doing it for $11 before tax

I will be up for some group buy if the price is right :). I definitely don’t want broken glasses around.

I placed the order for my Eustathios glass through Steve at Cincinnati Gasket. It’s much cheaper buying more than 1 piece sort of like a BOGO. I bought two pieces since I always like to have a spare handy especially for a custom size like this. $29.55 each. Shipping will be added on which was estimated to be $20-$25.