howdy everyone. :D i was wondering if anyone was still "Paying it forward" from 

howdy everyone. :smiley:

i was wondering if anyone was still “Paying it forward” from

anyone want to print the Eustathios (preferably V2) parts for me? will pay shipping and even filament costs.

i originally thought i needed ABS, but now, don’t really care. just want to get parts in to start building.

thanks much!

@Alex_Lee ​ made a set for @Bruce_Lunde

And I made a set for @Dat_Chu ​.

Unfortunately the build process on these printers is a long and somewhat expensive process.

Perhaps the current recipients could give a status update on their progress. That could give everyone on the list an idea about the timeline.

@Eclsnowman I am in the initial stage of building the base frame for my Herculein, I expect to have it built in about 6 weeks. I will be paying it forward as soon as it is tuned and running.

all good! i didn’t know if there were folks actively printing for people on the list or what not, so no worries. i just appreciate everyone in the community being so generous!

Baby is on the way so that puts a short hold on the project. I got the rubber mat, extrusions, everything except the mdf z bed and bracket. I am looking at 8 weeks Eta (baby time recovery included).

I know this is somewhat of a slimy way to come ahead, but I’ll print it forward to both people infront of me and one after, if I’m bumped up. My finger is cocked and ready to click mouse and order all parts once @Eclsnowman finalizes his Eustathios design. Those in the print it forward I have mentioned, specify the design you want printed on the google doc.

I’m waiting on my 2 belts with no ETA and then I’ll be printing. Tested my extruders this morning and I have working end stops and motion in all motors. Full control through LCD and wiring set up (heated bed arrives Monday or Tuesday). As soon as I’m all calibrated ill start printing forward a set

@Derek_Schuetz ​ thats great. I should probably seed another set out there. Maybe after MRRF.

For some reason there is another person infront of me 3 instead of two. Am I missing something?

My robo3d is now freed up to anyone that needs parts. I ask only that you send me 2 spools of hatchbox abs in the color of your choice (1 is fine for eustathios or ingentis) and you cover freight.

@Daniel_Salinas what’s your time frame generally from start to completion? Also, 1.75mm for that hatchbox ABS I’m assuming? are you able to print the V2 stuff that @Eclsnowman has been working on?

It takes about a week. I haven’t printed V2 yet so I don’t know for sure about the timeline or that 1 spool will be enough. Theres a little trial and error for the complex parts. Yes 1.75mm is what my printer uses.