How would you use two different color resins in a cylinder wall?

I’ve been working on a case for a device I want to make. The device basically just looks like the echo dot. At first I tried 3D printing it and the results were pretty ugly and it took like 5 hours to print.

Now I am looking at the following process. 1. 3D print it (then use filler to smooth out the print). 2. Make a mold of the 3D print. 3. Pour resign in the mold. I think that will give the right look for the thing.

One of the design elements I would like to have is to use a second color of resin to draw/write on the wall of the cylinder. For example, where the letters are cut out in this image I’d like to fill with a second resin color.

The process I am imagining goes like this:

I don’t know if that make sense. It’s a pretty complicated and imperfect process I’ve come up with. Basically step 1 is how you pour resin 1. Once that’s done you remove the mold that makes the hole in the cylinder wall and replace it with a mold that’s totally flat.Then you pour in resin 2. When pouring resin 2 the hole(s) in the cylinder wall should be facing down. So step 2 might involve multiple pours because only one side can be facing down at once.

Anyways, so I’ve got a few variations of this to try but I don’t have high expectations. Has anyone done this and if so can you offer some advice please? Thanks.

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