how would I go about making a display out of some 144 p/m ws2812b's?

(Brett Hansen) #1

how would I go about making a display out of some 144 p/m ws2812b’s? id like 8 or so rows of 144 im just wondering how i would go about programming it

(Mark Kriegsman) #2

I’d start with a Teensy3.1 to drive them all.

(Brett Hansen) #3

darn i was hoping i could use a nano or something haha

(Mark Kriegsman) #4



(Brett Hansen) #5

am i really that old now? last time i was here nanos and unos were the norm kinda haha

(Mark Kriegsman) #6

Well back then we didn’t try to run eleven hundred RGB LEDs at one shot as often…

Back in my day we used to DREAM of a thousand RGB LEDs! We had to make due with just one LED per pin, and they were only bicolor red and green!

(Brett Hansen) #7

haha good point

(Andrew Tuline) #8

I’m a big Nano fan, but damn, not with 1100 LED’s.

(Daniel Garcia) #9

Some math - 8 strips of 144 leds is 1,152 leds. At 3 bytes per led for the array, that’s 3.5k of ram - the nano and uno only have 2k of ram. Get a teensy 3.1. Also, the teensy 3.1 can do 8-way parallel output – which you also want because WS2812’s are SLOW. (Updating 1152 takes 34ms).

(Marc Miller) #10

@Mark_Kriegsman You were LUCKY! We used to have to get up at at six in the morning, hand sort red and green LEDs into two piles, tape one of each color together, and then hand crank the generator for the soldering iron for fourteen hours a day.

(Mark Kriegsman) #11

LUXURY!! When I was young, our LEDs were just plain black, and if our dad wanted red, he’d wake us up three million milliseconds before we even went to bed, and beat us until we bled on them. Then he’d plug us into the mains power outlet and shout at us until we glowed.

(Jez Weston) #12

Well we had it tough. We used to have just grey LEDs, not even black or white. They were entirely inert and just reflected ambient light.

(Daniel Garcia) #13

Right. We had to get up the week before we went to bed, drink a mixture of liquid Aluminium gallium indium phosphide and Indium gallium nitride for breakfast, go to work 29 hours a day harvesting photons down at the mill, pay the mill owner for permission to work, and when we got home our parents would set us on fire and dance about the light given off by our flaming bodies singing Hallelujah, all the while bitching about the flicker from the fire’s low PWM rate.

(Aaron Liddiment) #14

And you just try telling the youth of today that… and they don’t believe you!

(solak vaslovic) #15

Now what am I supposed to do with these two empty halves of coconuts?

(Aaron Liddiment) #16

Fill them will an LED matrix running the ‘Clip Clop’ version of noise :wink: