How to Use RepRapWeb a fully featured Web UI for your 3d Printer Download and Instructions at *RepRapWeb* A Web Based 3d Printer Controller with

Download and Instructions at


A Web Based 3d Printer Controller with built-in Slicing for RepRap and other 3d Printing Systems

  • Free - Licensed under the Affero General Public License (AGPL)
  • Includes Slicing Software - Convert STL -> GCODE all within the same interface using CuraEngine or Slic3r
  • Nothing to install on your computer - Runs completely on Raspberry Pi, use any computer from anywhere to control it
  • Wireless Networking - Ethernet and 802.11 Wireless Connectivity for your printer
  • STL Visualizer - View your prints before you print them
  • Multi Printer Support - Control as many printers as you have USB ports all within the same interface
  • Complete Printer Control - Pause and unpause your prints in realtime, set and view temperatures and control movements
  • Auto Level Support - Includes support for printers which support Autolevel.
  • Fast - Quick and responsive interface, almost immediate slicing with CuraEngine

This is Beta software, help test and join the discussion at!forum/xyzbots-support

Looks pretty interesting. Nice interface. Add in time-lapse video feature (if it’s not there already), and it could give Octopi a run for its money.
I’d like a way to run this from a full computer, maybe with support for multiple printers. But, that’s just me.

@Carlton_Dodd you can run it from a full computer and it already supports multiple printers.

You could also run it on BeagleBone Black, Banana Pi, any OpenWRT Router with a USB port, HummingBoard, UDOO, or the Arduino Yun if you wished.

Although compiling Node for mips is a real pain, but it’s possible.