How to use Cloud9 to make your own workspace.

How to use Cloud9 to make your own workspace. Lots of folks have been asking about this lately. Enjoy!

Cool. I think it’s actually a bit harder than JSFiddle was to fork, but it’s a real development environment and the Github backing is nice. Also, the self documenting runme.js script is really nice for folks understanding the structure of all of these widgets and how to drop them into other widgets or workspaces.

@Craig_Hollabaugh this was one was especially for you for your coil winder workspace.

Yes, the nice thing here is you can use any editor you’re comfortable with. runme.js is a nice addition too and you should be able to run that locally in a different environment using nodejs. Soon I’m going to build a registry of ID to widget URL mapping so that the chilipeppr.load() statement just gets a div and an id and then the registry figures out where to load it from. The goal is to let devices like ESP8266 announce their presense to SPJS and their ID and your ChiliPeppr workspace will auto pop in the widget for that device. It’s getting really interesting.

That´s cool! congrats!

very cool… i think this is much improved. i wasn’t a fan of jsfiddle. And, using git is a big win.

John, Thanks so much. I’ll follow this video’s instructions and see how far I get. This goes a long way to demonstrating the development workflow, which is exactly what I needed to get started.

Awesome! A very good solution to make my own workspace, good work john!

Will creating my own work space help with larger gcode files crashing chilipper? I am most definitely not programmer savvy. The videos make it look easy!

To handle larger gcode files, what I think will need to happen is to have the 3d viewer just not render anything past say 10% of the lines but then let the viewer drag a slider to jump to the next 10%, then the next 10%, etc. Everything else handles that file size fine. The other trick would be to just fork the workspace and drop the 3D viewer. That would be sad to lose it though, but if you’re desperate it would do the trick.

Thanks @jlauer . This is a great contribution to all of us. You do always the best.

Thanks. Appreciate the kind words.

With regards to the issue of handling larger gcode files, as an idea, could you provide a toggle to turn off 3D rendering prior to loading the code?

another idea to add on to phil’s might be that if they disable 3d rendering, a static rendering done in the cloud is sent to them as an image. my guess is that a rendering in the cloud could be done pretty quickly since it could scale across resources.

You can already disable the 3d viewer so just try that