How to use 3.0mm Filament on 1.75 mm Printer.

How to use 3.0mm Filament on 1.75 mm Printer.

I have purchased printrbot simple, At that time I had no idea about the filament size, thinking that both filament can be used, I purchased 1kg of 3.0mm and 1kg of 1.75 mm, But now I see it cannot use the 3.0,

Is there any way some how to use it, I don’t want to waste the filament, since it is very costly.

You would need a different hot end, one sized for 3mm filament, and a different extruder also sized for 3mm filament.

The extruder can be printed, but the hot end is an extra component you’d have to buy.

I think always about a Drahtzieher to control the diameter on exact 1.75mm. I hate it, if extruding stops, because the filament is a littel bit to thick.

Sadly this won’t work for a thermoplast, but you could use rotary knifes for precise diameter control.

Solution looks like, I need to buy another hotend 3.0 mm, to use 3.0mm filament Am I correct?

Is there any hotend design which will allow to used both filament 3.0 and 1.75 mm ?

In theory, a 3mm hot end can be used with 1.75mm filament.

In practice, the thinner filament will tend to buckle inside the too-large hot end and will give you serious headaches. I’ve heard anecdotal stories of people using 1.75mm filament in 3mm hot ends and having success, but your best bet would just be to use the filament that fits your hot end.

@Mohamed_Thalib_H I tried, but the only thing i got working for both 1.75 and 3mm filament is the hobbed bolt. Everything else needs to be adjusted to the filament diameter to work reliable.

Practically, no. Your best bet is too sell the 3mm and buy more 1.75

Lulzbot supplies a different PTFE liner (with smaller inner hole) with their Budaschnozzle hotend so you can use it with 1.75mm filament.

I’ve heard of people doing that with the newer versions of the Arcol hot end too (the Budaschnozzle is, as I remember it, a modified version of the older style Arcol hot end) but with occasionally mixed results.

I actually have an Arcol v4.2 sitting around, so I could give it a shot myself, but I’ve got too many other projects in the works at the moment so that particular experiment has been put on the back burner for now.

Then I will try if I can change the PTFE Liner. Thanks for the clue.

@Mohamed_Thalib_H It depends if your PTFE liner outer diameter is big enough to drill a larger hole. I guess it’s worth checking out.