How to save your G+ page.

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How to save your G+ page.

Today I wanted to see if I could save my G+ page so that it could be accessed later. The good news is that yes it can be done. You can also save other sites if you want. You are only limited by your storage availability.

Here is the program I used. It is freeware. I am sure there are other programs available for use.

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #2

What exactly does it save?

(James Rivera) #3

Maybe the internet archive (a.k.a. the wayback machine) can be used?

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@donkjr It saves the G+ site as is locally. When it is backed up, you will be able to interact with it like you would the actual G+ page except adding additional content.

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@James_Rivera I checked the internet archive and my page was not there. I said to add it and it only added the last few posts I made.

(James Rivera) #6

@HalfNormal Doh! Oh well…