How to save material choice?

hey guys,
I have a k40 laser and have been using K40 Whisperer but today I found a link to, and downloaded Meerk40t, anyone have any how to experience in it? question is how to save the material to any one of the choices… I click on a different one than the top plywood choice but no save button so exit and when I begin an engrave it goes back to the plywood choice which is at full power and too high a speed for some other choices I want to use. Thanks…

The easiest way to do this would be to make your operations for your material. And just save that as a project. So you would have your plywood settings. And save those. Then you’d use that set of operations when you run some plywood by simply opening them up with a basic drag and drop.

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Took me a bit. Turns out making the video hit a snag when the loading had a bug. Apparently I goofed and bool('False') == True. But, shows the correct outline for how this works. You’d also use notes for setting things like your expected knob settings etc.