How to port the toggle to different LCD?

How to port the Toggle to not-Manga LCD? For example - with 800x480 resolution.

May you overview it in the steps at least, please.

Hi @slvv,

So the latest version of Toggle (1.4.0) includes a couple of scripts to help make this happen.
I’ll try to add documentation to the wiki for this soon.

However if you’re using an 800x480 resolution screen, you should be able to select the original manga screen’s theme to work, as the resolution is the same. However I don’t remember if the themes and stylesheet structures are the same or not.

Perhaps @Elias_Bakken can jump in with those details, but essentially the themes are defined by CSS stylesheets and icon sets.

I just need to find the scripts and order in which to execute them to adapt the new themes to any screen resolution before I can write up the proper documentation.

Thanks for fast answer.