How to order raster tasks by order - taking too long

Hi all.
I am using a standards k40 laser.
I am trying to laser 6 columns of 14 rows of text sentences.
If i load in a svg file with 1 column of 14 rows (couple of words per row). With speed of 90mm/s the total time is about 5 minutes. So if I was to have six columns of the same text it should take 30minutes.
However if I load a svg file with 6 columns instead of 1 it takes approx 1.5 hours.
This is because it performs it in one operation left to right then down.
How can I programme the file so that it does each column of 14 rows prior to moving onto the next column. Rather than doing the rows first.

My software is Inkscape and k40whisper

You cannot change the way K40 Whisperer raster engraves. However you can make more than one file to do the process in two steps.

Here is how you would do it:

  1. Create the SVG design file.
  2. Open the design file and remove some of the text and save that file as “step_01.svg”
  3. Open the original design file and remove the other text and save that file as “step_02.svg”
  4. Open and raster engrave the step_01.svg
  5. Open and raster engrave the step_02.svg

As long as you do not resize the SVG page when you are saving the two SVG files the origin will remain the same (upper left corner of the SVG sheet) and the laser head will return to the origin so you can open the next file and raster it without moving anything.