How to make SD Card unmount default

(flyway97_SW) #1

I’m a new user of smoothieboard, when i connect my smoothieboard to my computer (win7) , It will auto mount sd card.
And this is dangerous because it is very easy affect printer. Can i change the config file make sd card not auto mount?
thanks very much.

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(Arthur Wolf) #2

Hey !

It’s not the Smoothieboard that does the mounting, but the Windows, so Smoothie has no way of preventing the auto-mount.

You can disable auto-mount in Windows however :


(flyway97_SW) #3

OK,I will try ,thank you very much.

(Wolfmanjm) #4

You can disable the MSD entirely there are instructions in the Problem solving section of the wiki at the end

(flyway97_SW) #5

It can work, very good,thank you!

(tmnghia1992_SW) #6

I’m a new user of smoothieboard. Can i use moothieboard without sd card?
Thanks very much!