How to identify a good laser cutting module?

A laser cutting module is a high-precision integrated device which consisting of semiconductor laser diode, optical lens, a heat sink and a drive circuit. The optical solution and production process determine the core optical performance of the laser module - power and beam quality. Thermal design and drive circuit performance have a significant impact on product reliability.

This doesn’t tell anyone anything that helps them identify a good laser cutting module. Everything you say may be true, but it’s not helpful because no one can act on what you wrote.


Doesn’t sound like a question… more like a statement…


I’m pretty sure that OP is trying to advertise his business.


Yeah, the first time lasertree signed up on the forum they posted instant spam. I deleted their post and offered them helpful advice on how not to spam, which they ignored and spammed again. That account was banned, so they tried again.

I’ve been trying, again, to help them learn in DMs what isn’t spam and how to be a good participant in the forum. It would actually be nice to have vendors around here willing to answer actual technical questions about their stuff. For example, @CloudrayLaser showed up a while ago and I was hoping they would answer questions about their kit, but when I have at-mentioned them (like this) asking them to help answer questions about their equipment, it’s been shouting into the void. I’d love for @lasertree2023 to contribute actually useful stuff and answer questions about their modules. But I agree, this text reads like SEO spam text that is just missing the links.

@lasertree2023, you can now see it’s not just the moderators who are annoyed by this. This post isn’t very different from the earlier posts we deleted and asked you to change what you were posting. If you want to build your brand, this is not the way to do it.

Right now, forum members are looking at this and saying “oh, lasertree are spammers, I don’t want to buy their stuff.”

Is that really what you want to be doing? It sure isn’t what we are here for.


My first thought when I read the post was that it was ChatGPT spew. Is it possible that lasertree is someone getting their kicks by posting AI crap?

As far as I can tell, @lasertree2023 and @Laser_tree (banned for spam) are probably the same person, and @Lasertree might be a different person, all associated with the real company which seems to be Micost-optotech DBA Laser Tree.

This kind of text didn’t show up first with ChatGPT; I’ve been killing anodyne and useless text that read like that but was full of SEO links for most of Maker Forum history. LLMs sadly have no corner on the “true but unhelpful” market.


Guh, that’s crappy.

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We also want to share professional technical knowledge

Well, that’s not what you have done.

I gave you extensive advice in direct messages on how not to spam, and you haven’t taken it.

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